More space for all

The METRO Campus is directly connected to Düsseldorf city centre via Grafenberger Allee and offers space for modern residential development concepts, office space, retail, gastronomy, educational facilities, studios, workshops, parks and gardens as well as mobility hubs and care facilities. With its diverse infrastructure, the METRO Campus of the Future reflects the flexible living and working culture of the 21st century.

The urban design by the London architectural firm ACME and its partners Stadt Land Fluss (Berlin) and Kieran Fraser Landscape Design (Vienna) is based on an urban open space planning concept that envisages the development of an urban, mixed-use quarter with a concise built-spatial structure and independent identity.

The urban design by the London architectural firm ACME and its partners Stadt Land Fluss (Berlin) and Kieran Fraser Landscape Design (Vienna)
Urban design by ACME / Stadt Land Fluss and Kieran Fraser Landscape Design

The vision is based on a well thought-out mix of uses that includes the potential of a "new centre" for the adjacent trendy district of Flingern-Nord. Here, new uses are added to complement the existing ones, which are not only intended as a concrete offer for the future residents of the area, but are also intended for the residents and users in the neighbourhood.

When it comes to neighbourhood amenities, everything has been thought of. Studios, greenhouses, workshops, office space and co-working spaces, a variety of shopping and recreational opportunities as well as diverse dining options make life on campus worth living. Daycare centres, a primary school and high-quality public playgrounds are planned for the children growing up here. Care facilities are planned for the older generation.

A vision becomes reality

The METRO Campus - Space for Visions will become ONE METRO Campus and D.STRICT! By 2027, the METRO Campus will undergo a complete transformation: the METRO office buildings will be meaningfully integrated into the urban structure and parts of them will be made accessible to the public.


All METRO companies on site are moving together at the ONE METRO Campus. The architecture of the state-of-the-art building complex focuses on our brand values and is a reflection of our corporate culture: open and transparent, it invites people to work and live, strengthens the identity and cohesion of the employees and promotes inspiration and ideas. Another plus: a diverse gastronomic landscape and a METRO Gastro Store make our core competencies in the culinary field visible and tangible. For employees, for customers, for guests.

"Successful corporate headquarters like ours can no longer be considered spatially isolated from their surroundings. We at METRO are taking the opportunity to bring our corporate brand to life on the
ONE METRO Campus and to link it very closely with our core competence, gastronomy. Future-proof gastronomic concepts will be of immense importance for the redesign", explains Jürgen Schwarze, CEO METRO PROPERTIES Holding GmbH.

D.STRICT - An urban quarter of the future

From 2026/27, our project partner Swiss Life Asset Managers will realise and design a forward-looking neighbourhood development on a site area of 73,200 square metres.

With "D.STRICT", an urban city quarter is being created with around 1,500 new flats in a prime location, combining different uses such as living and working with gastronomy, retail and local recreational opportunities.