We want your ideas!

Over the last few decades, our METRO Campus has established itself as an institution in Düsseldorf. It is the home of the METRO Germany administration as well as the METRO AG corporate headquarters, with employees from many different nations – all of which is built around the METRO wholesale store that opened in 1967. Here in your neighbourhood, the METRO Campus is integrated in a high-quality urban environment in which we feel very comfortable.

The METRO wholesale store and administration will remain present at this Düsseldorf location in the future. However, from an urban design perspective, the Campus possesses additional development potential. Together with the Landeshauptstadt Düsseldorf and with you, we seek to develop ideas for the integration of living and working space, retail, restaurants, leisure and local recreation in the design of the METRO Campus of the future, in order to create a diversified and lively urban district in the heart of the Düsseldorf metropolitan region.

In cooperation with the Landeshauptstadt Düsseldorf, METRO PROPERTIES, the real estate company of METRO AG, has launched a two-phase urban design competition for today’s METRO Campus. The competition is intended to develop robust concepts for the area’s urban design and open-space planning.

The results of the urban design competition are to lay the cornerstone for the further development of the METRO Campus.* In the first phase of the urban design competition, a jury of experts will select the best 5 designs from among the competition entries. These will then be further elaborated in a second phase.

To convey in advance to the participating architects, urban planners and landscape architects as accurate a picture as possible of the existing wishes and needs for this location, your opinion as a neighbour or user of the METRO Campus is important to us. We are interested in your thoughts and ideas. What should living and working look like in the future? How could a mix of private and public uses be created at the site? What uses would you like to see included on the METRO Campus? The Landeshauptstadt Düsseldorf and METRO PROPERTIES look forward to an intensive dialogue with you and to the inspiration you can provide. The planning committee of the Landeshauptstadt Düsseldorf has resolved to allow public participation in the competition process. We are pleased to invite your input – for the first time in digital form.

Let us know what you think – share your ideas with us: dialog.metro-campus.de (German only)